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Himalayan Travellers is one of the best trekking and Expedition service Provider in Nepal. We offer, variety of trekking and Expedition packages in Nepal, tailor made trekking and expedition in Nepal, Short trek and expedition in Nepal. We organize and conduct our treks and expeditions with attention, respect and serenity.


Himalayan Travellers is an ethic agency specialized in trekking and mountain climbing expeditions in Nepal.
As a dedicated team of guiding professionals with a focus towards excellent logistical preparation and, above all, a passion for the environment in which we work, our expeditions are operated by highly trained and experienced mountain guides with quality, service, and safety at the forefront.
We, at Himalayan Travellers, are dedicated to promote a respective way of climbing in the Himalaya.


Treks & Expeditions in nepal

Nepal is a country famous for its stunning natural beauty and its many trekking and expedition opportunities. The country is home to some of the highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest, and offers a range of trekking and climbing experiences for adventurers of all levels.

If you want the best platform to launch your next mountain climbing objective, then let us organise your expedition and allow you to be the best climber you can be. Our experience combined with your enthusiasm and determination will provide you with the best possible chance of standing on top of the world’s greatest summits.

Upcoming Fixed date Expeditions 2024


Manaslu Expedition 2024

Mt. Manaslu, The eighth highest peak in the world, which is height of 8163m (26,781 ft) above the sea level is located in the Gorkha District of Nepal.
Departure Date: 02th September 2024

saribung glacier

Mustang to Phu Trek with Saribung Peak Climbing

Crossing the Mustang to Phu, is an incredible trip, one of the most beautiful treks in Nepal. Its difficulty remains reasonable for a glacial course despite crossing a pass at 6042m.
Departure Date: 22th apr 2024


Himlung Himal Expedition 2024

Himlung Himal is now a classic summit with a lot of expeditions every autumn and spring too. it is one of the most accessible 7000m in Nepal.
Departure Date: 10th Apr & 13th May 2024

Upcoming fixed date treks 2024

lower dolpo trek

Dolpo trek

Dolpo trek offers an outstanding trek experience in the remote western region of Nepal. an enthralling journey filled with remote trekking, high mountain passes and yak caravans in the remote Dolpo region.


Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang trekking in Nepal was officially opened in 1992. Particularly limited numbers of trekkers are only allowed each year. Thus to protect and conserve the local Tibetan tradition and the fragile environment.


Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu region is located in Central Nepal and was opened to trekkers only in 1991.This area is still restricted to a limited number of groups and only organized trekkers in groups can trek in this area.

Himalayan Travellers is one of the leading Trekking  Agency in Nepal. We are energetic and courageous who get real enjoyment out for delivering a prevalent trekking and climbing service, ultimately making your trip in Nepal memorable experience. Himalayan Travellers is multi ethic agency in Nepal. We also have different knowledge and experience about every trekking route in Nepal but specially we explore the remote areas and continue style climbing. (without fixed Ropes and without Oxygen) We have been organizing remote exploration and adventure in the Himalayas since 2002. We also trek all the trekking routes as per the client`s request. Himalayan Travellers is well known government licensed Trekking Agency in Nepal.

Our primary goal is to provide you a wonderful travelling opportunities to the remote areas and explore natural and cultural environment. We make your trip in Nepal special and unique experience. We also help you throughout your trekking and mountaineering moment and make you feel comfort and happy for selecting Himalayan Travellers.