Himlung Himal Expedition 2024

The Himlung Himal Expedition offers an exhilarating high-altitude adventure in the stunning Nar Phu Valley of Nepal. Over 4 weeks, navigate challenging terrains, acclimate to varying altitudes, and conquer the majestic Himlung Himal at 7126 meters.


Upper Dolpo Trek

Experience unique and authentic cultural and natur with Upper Dolpo Trek in Nepal. Duration: 30 days, Difficulty: Medium, Max. Altitude: 5550m.


Lower Dolpo Gyaekuchen Trek

Join Lower Doplo trek to experience magical journey throught stunning scenery in Nepal. Duration: 25 days, Difficulty: Medium, Max. Altitude: 5350m.

dhakmar village in mustang

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek is journey through the ancient and mystic region of Mustang. Duration: 18 days, Difficulty: Medium, Max.Altitude: 4000m.