Himlung himal expedition in 2021

himlung himal

Himlung expedition by himalayan travellers

The Himlung has become, over the years, the top of 7000 inescapable in Nepal, for who wants to confront the high altitude.
But above all, it is not an easy summit. It is a very beautiful summit and its approach is ideal; progressive to allow good acclimatization, but also cultural. The villages of Phu and Naar are really typical of the Tibetan space.


Himalayan Travelers now organize the Himlung climb every year, in the spring or fall. With two particularities: continuous progression and “one by one” supervision, ie one Nepalese guide per participant.

  • It’s hard not to have heard of Himlung.
  • It’s also difficult not to know that we know this summit particularly well, so many pages on my site have been talking about it and for a very long time (2002!).
phu village

The heart of Phu village.

french camp

Towards Camp 1 from French Camp, the adventure begins …

himlung glacier

The passage of the seracs, after Crampons Point.

Bishal Rai and the entire Himalayan Travelers team therefore know the place perfectly. And they are the ones who are in charge of organizing and supervising this expedition.

Himalayan Travelers, our agency in Nepal, has also been featured on this site and I also speak about it for many projects.
The agency even has a website, but in English. Marketing obliges …

All the technical part of the ascent is now well described on the web:

kang guru view

Thau Chorten, at the entrance to Naar. A superb detour to perfect our acclimatization.


The French Camp and the Gyajikang

Himlung by Himalayan Travelers

This spring 2021 marks a new stage for Himalayan Travelers . The Nepalese Himalayan Travelers guides will supervise this expedition.
For my part, I would be at Manaslu.


Everything is done from Nepal, under Nepalese regulations. And that changes a lot of things!

To register, your contact will be a French travel agency
Then there will be Bishal Rai, director of Himalayan Travelers.

Bishal, at the Himalayan Travelers office

The agency in France will take care of all the administrative part: registrations, air travel, insurance (cancellation), payment.

Bishal will welcome you in Kathmandu and maybe accompany you to base camp as a trek guide.
For my part, I only take care of the supervision of the preparation weekend which will take place in France at the beginning of winter 2020, in La Grave. The objective is to build a great team for this climb, consistent from the point of view of technical skills and motivations.


Himlung camp 2


Between Camp 2 and Camp 3

Himlung by Himalayan Travelers
Technical Details

Technical level.
The Himlung is definitely not an easy summit and its normal route from Camp 3 can be PD + side in snow with a 35/40 ° slope with significant exposure. Of course, especially in hard or icy snow.

Climbing the Himlung therefore requires real mountaineering experience to be comfortable in this style of slope (where any sliding is prohibited), with very good physical shape, because the effort is important and takes place in altitude.
To illustrate this style of skill, it’s not easy to find equivalent races in the Alps, especially now that snow races are becoming less and less frequent.
I suggest:

  • The Coolidge corridor at Pelvoux .
  • The Middle Glacier at the Aiguille d’Argentière
  • Crossing the Lyskamm
  • Crossing Mont Blanc

You will be asked for a list of your ascents in the Alps.
Having made the ascent of a 6000 in the Himalayas is of course recommended. 
Good physical shape is mandatory.

himlung summit day

In the snow slope, towards the summit. Just before the slightly steeper part!

descent sommit

In the descent, everything is better, the slope becomes smoother …

Organization details…

The size of the group.
It is limited to a maximum of six participants, with a minimum of 4 people. 
This group size should allow more conviviality and above all simplify the organization on the Nepalese side.

Progression style
Roped 2 and continuous progression.


An exemplary progression …

The management team on the mountain.
It is important and allows to build autonomous ropes with the Nepalese guides. 
With: a Nepalese mountain guide (not UIAGM graduate) and a team of Népali Leader on the basis of one Nepalese per participant (One by One)

We are prepared.
This we are mandatory to validate the relevance of each registration and provide all the necessary explanations on the organization of the expedition. It will take place at the beginning of 2021 at La Grave and will be supervised by Paulo Grobel.

Hotel mandala at boudha

Right next to the big Stupa…
A discreet hotel but in a very Buddhist atmosphere.


Access to Camp 3… It is just behind the snow bump!

During the ascent …

Accommodation and food on trek
In Kathmandu, breakfast is included but not other meals. On a trek, you are on half-board and all meals are included, in lodge or camping. Drinks are part of personal expenses.


In the kitchen with Cécile at the stove. Bahadur, Urpa & Jeewan

The tents: trekking and altitude.
They are provided by Himalayan Travelers on the basis of an individual tent on the trek and an altitude tent for two during the ascent.


Far from Lyoph. The pleasure of a good Francontoise fondue!
Thank you Nico …

High altitude food
Each participant takes charge of his high altitude food which should be packaged daily as best as possible. A part can possibly be bought in Kathmandu in a supermarket (nepali style) near the hotel.
High altitude food is a very personal element of a Himalayan expedition which must be adapted to its own needs, both energetic and appetite. It is already very difficult to eat properly in hypoxic conditions of high altitude and even more so when the food is not suited to our tastes. We will discuss this subject during the preparation weekend. We must therefore take the time in Franceto choose this high altitude food to be able to buy meals for eight days above the advanced base camp (the French Camp), condition them as best as possible and of course prepare them on site.
It is possible to operate individually or in pairs of tents.

Stoves and gas cartridges, They are provided by Himalayan Travelers, everyone takes care of their own place without forgetting lighters. 
Each tent will be completed with two stoves. One for melting snow (an MSR Reactor) and a classic burner with two pans for cooking. With of course the necessary gas cartridges.

Each participant takes care of his pharmacy, trek and altitude. You can consult the IFREMMONT website for more information on this subject.
The Nepalese team has an oxygen cylinder for medical use and a satellite phone in the event of a serious problem requiring evacuation.
It is not possible to use this phone for personal use.

In the event of an early return to Kathmandu
Whatever the reason, all the costs of this return and the additional stay in Ktm are to be paid directly on site.

boudha stupa

Himlung by Himalayan Travelers
Dates, budget and registration.

From Sunday April 25 to Sunday May 23, 2021

€ 7,250 (to be confirmed at the end of autumn 2020, on my return from Nepal)
Including the cost of the supervision of the weekend in La Grave, and international air travel.

Registration and payment, A first contact by email or phone with me is essential. I will then tell you how to register.

Of course I am at your disposal if you have any questions, please do not hesitate.

By email: or on 06 42 90 75 34

Paulo Grobel_le March 30, 2019
In full confinement at La Grave


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