Kang Guru Expedition

Kang Guru

Kang Garu South Ridge. A virgin ridge for experienced mountaineers.

Himalayan expedition

Generally, almost all the supervised expeditions offered in the Himalayas and Nepal are technically relatively simple and with little ambition as to how to do it (maxi services at the base camp, Oxygen earlier and earlgy iugy iugybiuier, fixed ropes from bottom to top , important logistical support) bhhiuhgiu gyiu.

This southern ridge of Kang Garu is therefore an exception.

It is aimed at confirmed mountaineers at ease in an AD / D level in snow and ice, at the head of the roped party and wishing to face a virgin ridge in the Himalayas, on an “almost 7000”, in alpine technique.

kang garu south ridge

A view of the wide southern slope with the base camp at its foot.

The climb to Sang Garu base camp

Here is the climb to the pass to change the slope and reach the base camp . The entire first part is accessible with mules, up to about 200 m from the pass. Then, it will be necessary to make cross the material with the help of carriers.

Kang Garu South Ridge. An idea of the process

  • All the approach march will be done jointly with the Kang Garu expedition towards the new normal route , to the base camp.
  • Access to this new base camp is described in this dedicated page , and the trek is really superb.
  • Then the acclimatization will consolidate in a round trip on the beginning of this normal route to be able to sleep a little higher in altitude.
  • And finally, the departure towards this southern ridge of Kang Garu.
  • Two or three altitude camps will be necessary on the ridge and the descent by the normal route will be facilitated by the route of the other group.

kang garu south ridge

The path to reach the Namkyu mountain pastures. Exceptional…

kang garu south ridge

The two ridges of Kang Garu, South and West.

Kang garu

The mutual aid chorten Naar and Kan Garu.
In profile, the South ridge!

Kang Garu South Ridge. Some practical information.

The size of the group
The group is very small, 3 or 4 people maximum.
And the roped parties can be mixed, with the Nepalese from the Himalayan Travelers team.

Dipen Bothe management team will certainly be the leader of this small group from the South Ridge, to prepare for their next NMA internship and that of international guide.
And I would take care of the ascent of the normal route, the West Ridge .

Himalayan Travelers, our agency in Katmandu
Generally, in a presentation of a supervised expedition (or trek), you will not find the contact details of the receiving Nepalese agency. But for me, this is a real collaboration. And this project of a technical ascent also aims to consolidate the experience of the Nepalese team of mountaineers and guides of Himalayan Travelers.

the Himalayan travelers logo

And here is the Nepalese agency that organizes all the logistics of this expedition to Kang Garu

To register

From Saturday September 26 to Sunday October 25, 2021

The budget
A priori around 7,900 € 

As usual, this is an all-inclusive rate…
There is no tip to be expected.
And especially no bonus for the top!
The salary of the Nepalese has of course been increased accordingly.
I really like this simplicity of operation …

Before registering ….

A logic of mutual cooptation.
From the notion of “client” to that of “team member”.

The registration methods that I want to use illustrate the tone of the expeditions that I supervise.
The objective is to move from the notion of “client” to that of “team member” to build a united, competent and dynamic group, involved in the success of the project.
In short, to “Do together”!
But no worries… It is not for me to escape my duties, obligations or responsibilities, on the contrary.
It is simply another way of approaching the subject, more in line with my values and my vision of things, with the nature of these projects which involve a lot of hazards, often very complex.

An expedition is above all a project co-carried out by each participant, each of whom contributes to the success.

It is therefore essential to contact me, either by email or by phone.

You must therefore register directly online on the SERAC site.

And you must therefore refer to the presentation page of “Kang Garu Classic” to register online.
And here is also the direct link …

kang garu

An image that expresses the whole atmosphere of the approach walk.

Paulo_a last day in Kopan, at the Himalayan Travelers office with Bishal
November 23, 2019

himalayan travelers nepal

Bishal rai … at the office

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