Major festivals celebrated in Nepal.

  • Dashain:
           Dashain is the longest and the most suspicious festival of Nepal.  It is celebrated according to the Nepalese lunar calendar. It is usually celebrated between the beginning of the October and end of November. In this festival, people return to their home to meet with their   families on this especial days. The last day of this festival is called Vijayadashami. People receive Tika ( a mixture of red color and rice grains ) Jamara and get blessings from their elders on this day. People buy and wear new clothes and children even fly kites during this festive month. 
  • Tihar:
         Tihar is celebrated about a month after Dashain. It is known as the festival of lights and favourite for all Nepalese people. It is one of the most enjoyable festival in Nepal. It is celebrated all round in Nepal. During Tihar houses are decorated with lights, colors and flowers. It is celebrated for five days. The first day is for the cow, second day is for dogs, third day is for the cows and the Goddess Laxmi. On the fourth day bulls are worshipped and Newari people celebrate Maha puja.  The last day is Bhai Tika, sisters worship their brothers by putting tika and garlands of flowers, give some sweets and foods. Brothers also give some gifts and blessings to their sisters.
  •  Holi:         
            Holi is the festival of color. It is very colorful and good natured celebration. It is celebrated after the death of demon Holika. It is famous in the Terai region.People throw color powders, colored water ballons and normal water on their friends, relatives , and known peoples.
  • Buddha Jayanti:
            This festival is celebrated on the day of Lord Buddhas birthday, the founder of Buddhism and also known as the light of Asia.  Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. This festival is mostly celebrated by the Buddhist devotees by going to near by stupas and monasteries.
  • Mahashivaratri:
              Mahashivaratri is a festival  dedicated to the Lord Shiva, the most supreme among the Hindu deities. The name of the festival means the night of Shiva  and it is celebrated by Hindus all round the country visiting temples of Lord Shiva or worshipping idols dedicated Lord Shiva ( Shivalinga). Thousands and thousands of people enter into Kathmandu valley to visit Pashupatinath temple to celebrate this festival on thus day.
  • Teej:
           This is a festival for women which is enjoyed by the Nepalese women in the Nepalese society. They worship Lord Shiva and fast for a day during this festival. Married women fast for the long existence of their husband. Women visit their relatives the night before the festival and eat Darr ( a night before the fast). On the day of Teej women wears red saries, pieces of  jewelries and dance in the Teej song.