Map and book

For my climbing job as mountain guide in the Nepal Himalaya and because of the large size of the scale of the trekking map (who is not suitable for the mountaineer), with Himalayan Map House, we set up new climbing maps of some Himal ranges.

 Map… Damodar Himal was the first one.

To document a « Blank of the map » and promote « The Saribung Glacier Trek ».
Mustang to Phu is may be the most beautiful Altitude Trek in Nepal. 
The back side was also printed with informations in French.
A really great experience.

After, we work a lot on Mustang. 

And this was so interesting that it take us more than 5 years. Then, we publish a new Mustang map with a lot of new trails and a new system of grading the difficulty of a trail, but also a book, « The Untrodden Trails » with Sonia Baillif & Etienne Principaud.
This time in English and translated by Sian Pritchard-Jones.

Limi Himal in the West, Langtang or Kanjiroba are also on the way… But it’s take time.

And now, with Bishal, we are very happy to share this new Himlung Climbing Map in a 1/60 000 scale.
It will be printed soon and available for the next spring season 2018.
This is the right tool to promote climbing & trekking in Naar & Phu. 
Enjoy the travel to Phu village and don’t hesitate to send us your comments or updating.
Thanks in advance.