Nepali climbers team



ABOUT NNMGA ,“Founded on April 4 Monday, 2005, Nepal National Mountain Guide Association (NNMGA)
is a member country representative of International Federation of Mountain Guide Association (UIAGM/IFMGA). This association is established with an objective to unite manpower involved in mountaineering profession and develop their standard activities in mountaineering to provide additional economic support to the nation through such trained manpower. Considering criteria of International Federation of Mountain Guide Association (IFMGA), this association in coordination with concerned line agencies and different organization / Institution is committed to conduct training to produce trained manpower quality service and minimize risks relating to mountaineering. After its establishment, NNMGA started its formal mountain guide education under the supervision of the representative of International Federation of Mountain Guide Association (IFMGA), the course module was signi ed by IFMGA. Our continuous practice and unbreakable effort
on mountain guide education formation for 7 years; we are integrated as member country representative of Nepal to International Federation of Mountain Guide Association (IFMGA) on 3rd May 2012.”


The Nepali Climbing Team of Himalayan Travellers.

At Himalayan Travellers, the main goal is to build a strong relationship between the foreign & the Nepali climber for more safety, pleasure and success during a climb.
And to help the Nepali climbers to have the opportunity to join the IFMGA mountain guide course.

Our roots is linked with this new story of the IFMGA mountain guide of Nepal. 

And today, this time « in between” is a complicated one with a lot of confusions about the terms & the competences of the people who work above the base camp.

In our Climbing Team you will find four kinds of Hight Altitude Worker :

  • IFMGA Mountain Guide foreigner.
  • IFMGA Mountain Guide Nepali.
  • Local Mountain Guide.
  • « Nepali Leader »
  • High Altitude Porter.

    And of course :

  • the statute.
  • the qualification.
  • the work.
  • and the salary.

We are different and clearly defined….

We try to never use the terms of « Climbing Sherpa » or « High Altitude Sherpa », because (as you know) Sherpa is the name of a ethnic group and we are a multi ethnic company with Rai, Magar, Bothe, Sherpa, Tamang, Gurung, Ghale, peoples working together.

The sirdar of an expedition can be also Nepali Mountain Guide or like Bishal Rai, a Trekking Mountain Leader.
Normally, we shall use now the name of Trekking Mountain Leader instead of Trekking Guide, but this will be a hard (impossible ?) revolution in the trekking world in Nepal and abroad.

A example of the use of a rope, on a glacier. Long every time.

Some definition of the terms, in Himalayan Travellers.

A Local Mountain Guide is :

  • A experienced mountaineer who climb & work many times with Paulo on various summits, of course alpine style ant without Oxygen.
  • A trained climber who followed NMA & NMIA training courses and our special training « Learning by Doing » or « Recco trip » to prepare new expeditions.
  • A Nepali man or women who speak English and continue to improve his/here skills in foreign language.
  • He is not (yet) a IFMGA Mountain Guide, but he can be engage in the process to become a fully diplomat IFMGA Mountain Guide.
  • Himalayan Travellers will help him to achieve this goal, as much as possible.

A local Mountain Guide,

  • Represented Himalayan Travellers and he is the official leader of the expedition for the Nepal Government (Mountaineering section of Ministry of Tourism).
  • Have the leadership and the responsibility during all the climbing time on the mountain, on all the climbers (foreign & Nepali) and on all the necessary decision.
  • Have in charge all the foreign climbers and stay with them as much as possible (lunch & dinner time).

The Local Mountain Guide salary include:

  • Day salary (2,500 Rupees/day).
  • Equipment bonus.
  • And tips.

For 2018 the salary of a Local Mountain Guide who work in an expedition of Himalayan Travellers it equal to 180 000 rps (all include) for one month expedition on a 7000 summit.

Karma sherpa

A Nepali Leader (In French, we say « Premier de cordée »)

  • Have climbed & work with Paulo. And we have controlled his ability to be a leader of a partie. He work as Nepali Leader Junior during a full year.
  • Is a climber who start to follow NMA & NMIA training course and our special training « Learning by Doing »
  • Speak some English and is in a learning process every year.

A Nepali Leader is:

  • Able to conduct a partie in a climb as leader, under the responsibility of the IFMGA or Local Mountain Guide.
  • He use every time a main rope on a glacier and during a climb.
  • Carry a part of the expedition equipment and help foreign climber to carry is food in altitude.
  • Stay in altitude with is partie partner, in a continue style climbing.
  • Have is own personal equipment.

The Nepali Leader salary include:

  • Day salary.
  • Equipement bonus.
  • And tips.

For 2018 the salary of a Local Mountain Guide who work in an expedition of Himalayan Travellers it equal to 150 000/180 000 rps (all include) for one month expedition on a 7000 summit.

And of course, Nepali Women are welcome in our team…
They can start as Nepali Leader junior easily.


During the SHERPA WOMEN training. With a lot of people all together on the summit of THapu Chuli