Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

24 Days

The Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek is a captivating journey through one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes and culturally rich regions in Nepal. It is situated within the majestic folds of the Himalayas, this trek offers unparalleled views of towering peaks, lush valleys, and pristine glaciers. As you traverse along the trail, you will be treated to the sight of snow-capped mountains such as Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Boudha Himal, creating a breathtaking backdrop for the adventure. The trek’s route winds through verdant forests, terraced fields, and rugged terrain, providing a diverse and enchanting experience for nature enthusiasts.

  • 1st September,15th September, 6th October
  • English and French (above 5 Pax French speaking guide)
  • 3 Star Hotel in KTM, Teahouse and Camping during the trek
  • Kathmandu to Kathmandu
  • Bus and Jeep
  • Moderate
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • 2-10
  • 5106m
  • Well experienced trekking and Cultural guide

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Overview

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek offers a fascinating glimpse into the vibrant culture and traditions of the region. The trail passes through remote villages inhabited by ethnic groups such as the Gurungs, Tamangs, and Tibetans, each with their own distinct customs and way of life. You will have the opportunity to interact with locals, visit ancient monasteries, and witness colorful festivals, immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Himalayan culture. The Tsum Valley, often referred to as a “hidden treasure,” is renowned for its secluded hilltop monasteries, traditional villages, and serene atmosphere, making it a haven for spiritual seekers and adventurers alike.

Throughout the trek, trekkers will encounter a variety of natural wonders, including mystical canyons, cascading waterfalls, and lush alpine meadows. The trail also passes through the challenging Larkya Pass, offering panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. As you ascend to higher elevations, you will be rewarded with unparalleled vistas of the Himalayan landscape, providing moments of awe and inspiration. Whether exploring ancient monasteries, traversing rugged terrain, or marveling at the sheer beauty of nature, the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek promises an unforgettable adventure filled with exploration, discovery, and cultural immersion.

As you venture deeper into the heart of the Manaslu Tsum Valley, you are enveloped by the tranquility and serenity of the remote Himalayan wilderness. The journey takes you through pristine bamboo and rhododendron forests, where the air is filled with the melody of exotic bird calls and the scent of wildflowers. Along the way, you may encounter elusive wildlife such as the Himalayan blue sheep, musk deer, etc, adding an element of excitement to the trek. As you trek from village to village, you are welcomed with warm hospitality and genuine smiles, forging connections with the local communities that leave a lasting impression. Each day brings new adventures and discoveries, as trekkers embrace the challenges and rewards of this remarkable journey through the Manaslu Tsum Valley.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Highlights:

  • Experience the untouched beauty of the Himalayan wilderness in a secluded and pristine environment.
  • Trek through lush forests and picturesque alpine meadows, surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery.
  • Explore ancient monasteries and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the region, steeped in centuries of tradition.
  • Witness diverse wildlife species in their natural habitats, including rare and elusive Himalayan creatures.
  • Enjoy awe-inspiring views of towering Himalayan peaks at every turn, offering unforgettable vistas of natural grandeur.
  • Immerse yourself in the culture of local communities, learning about their customs, traditions, and way of life.
  • Visit authentic Himalayan villages along the trekking route, where you can interact with local communities and experience their traditional way of life.
  • Conquer challenging high mountain passes, testing your trekking skills and rewarding you with unparalleled panoramic views.
  • Discover serene sanctuaries in the Tsum Valley, offering peaceful retreats amidst the Himalayan landscape.
  • Marvel at majestic waterfalls and pristine rivers, adding to the beauty and allure of the trekking experience.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Itinerary

Upon arrival in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, you'll be warmly welcomed at the airport by your guide or representative. They will then transfer to your respective hotel and rest after your journey. This day is primarily for acclimatization and adjusting to the local time zone.

This day is reserved for trip preparations, which may include finalizing permits, gear checks, and briefings with your guide. You can also explore the vibrant city of Kathmandu, visiting historical sites, temples, and markets.

Your trek officially begins with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Macha-Khola. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes and observe the changes in scenery as you leave the city and enter rural areas. Macha-Khola serves as the initial base for your trekking adventure.

Today's trek takes you from Macha-Khola to Jagat. You'll traverse through villages and alongside the river, experiencing the diverse terrain and immersing yourself in the local culture. Jagat is a charming village where you'll spend the night.

Continuing your journey, you trek from Jagat to Lokpa. Pass through more villages and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. As you gain elevation, you'll notice changes in vegetation and landscape.

Today's trek leads you from Lokpa to Chumling. As you walk through remote villages, you'll get a glimpse into the unique lifestyle and culture of the local people. Take your time to appreciate the serene ambiance of this remote region.

Leaving Chumling behind, you continue your trek to Chhokangparo. Along the way, marvel at the stunning mountain views and landscapes. The rugged beauty of the Himalayas will accompany you throughout your journey.

Today's trek takes you from Chhokangparo to Nile. Enjoy the tranquility of the Tsum Valley and its surroundings as you hike through this remote region. Nile is known for its serene environment and ancient monasteries.

Trekking from Nile to Mu Gompa, you'll visit ancient monasteries and immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere of the region. Mu Gompa holds significant religious and cultural importance, offering a glimpse into the rich history of Buddhism in the Himalayas.

Retracing your steps, you trek back from Mu Gompa to Chhokangparo. Enjoy the familiar landscapes as you descend from higher altitudes, taking in the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

Today's trek takes you back to Chumling from Chhokangparo. As you walk through the familiar trails, take the opportunity to revisit any sights you may have missed during your initial journey.

Continuing your descent, you trek from Chumling to Deng. Experience the changing landscapes as you descend into lower altitudes, surrounded by lush vegetation and serene surroundings.

As you continue your descent from Deng to Namrung, enjoy the lush forests and scenic views along the way. Namrung is a picturesque village nestled amidst the mountains, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Trekking from Namrung to Shyala, you ascend higher into the mountains, surrounded by panoramic views of the Himalayas. Shyala is a beautiful village with snow-capped peaks looming in the distance, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your trek.

Today's trek takes you from Shyala to Samagaon via the Pungen Glacier. It's up to your choice, if you want to visit Pungen Glacier, it is one of the most beautiful part of your journey in the Manaslu circuit trek but you can also trek simply to the Samagaon, take lunch and relax. You'll experience the thrill of adventure amidst the stunning beauty of the Himalayas. Samagaon is a charming village nestled amidst towering peaks, providing a perfect setting for acclimatization.

Spend a day in Samagaon acclimatizing to the altitude and exploring the village. Acclimatization is essential for adjusting to the high altitude and reducing the risk of altitude sickness. Take this opportunity to rest, relax, and soak in the unique atmosphere of this remote village.

Continuing your trek, you leave Samagaon behind and head to Samdo. Enjoy the stunning mountain views as you make your way to the next village. Samdo is a small Tibetan village located near the Tibetan border, offering a glimpse into the local culture and lifestyle.

Today's trek takes you from Samdo to Bimtang, where you'll experience a dramatic change in landscapes. Crossing over the Larke pass, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and lush valleys. Bimtang is a picturesque village surrounded by natural beauty, providing a perfect setting for a memorable night's stay.

Descending from Bimtang, you trek to Dharapani, enjoying the warmer climate and lush vegetation. Dharapani is a popular stop for trekkers, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and a chance to rest and rejuvenate before continuing your journey and the starting point for Annapurna Trek.

Conclude your trek by trekking from Dharapani to Pokhara, a picturesque city known for its stunning views of the Himalayas. Pokhara offers a perfect setting to relax and unwind after your trek, with plenty of attractions to explore and enjoy.

Spend the day sightseeing in Pokhara, visiting local attractions such as Phewa Lake, Davis Falls, and the World Peace Pagoda. Enjoy the serene beauty of Pokhara and take in its cultural and natural wonders before heading back to Kathmandu.

Drive back to Kathmandu from Pokhara, enjoying the scenic journey through the Nepalese countryside. Reflect on your trekking adventure and soak in the memories of the breathtaking landscapes as you make your way back to the capital city.

Take a day to relax and explore Kathmandu at your leisure. Visit local markets, temples, or simply unwind at your hotel before your departure. This is your opportunity to reflect on your trekking adventure and soak in the vibrant culture of Kathmandu.

Transfer to the airport for your departure from Kathmandu, marking the end of your trekking adventure bidding farewell to Nepal.

The Cost Includes and Excludes:

The cost includes:

  • Supervision by a Nepalese trekking guide, Assistant guide, Cook and Kitchen staff, porters.
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu, Teahouse and Camping during the trek.
  • All transportation by bus/jeep from Kathmandu-Besisahar- Soti-Khola-Kathmandu/Pokhara
  • Full board during the trek.
  • Manaslu Restricted Area permit, Manaslu Trek normal permit, Tsum Valley Restricted Area permit, Tsum valley normal trek permit and ACAP permit,
  • Guide and porters salaries, insurance and all other equipment facilities to the staffs.
  • All government and local taxes and official expenses.

The Cost Excludes:

  • International airfare.
  • The Nepalese visa.
  • Insurance (compulsory on all trips – ensure you are adequately covered for emergency evacuation).
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu.
  • Spending of a personal expenses, e.g. laundry, snacks and drinks, souvenirs, toiletries, tips, etc.
  • All bar bills and tips.

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