Jugal himal

Jugal Himal and Ladies Peak !

Jugal Himal… Ladies Peak! Himalayan Expedition There are still little-known and rarely used mountains in Nepal. Paradoxically, this is the case of one of the mountains closest to Kathmandu whose peaks are even visible on clear days from the capital. No need to fly across the country, a few hours by jeep from Kathmandu and …

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himlung himal

Himlung himal expedition in 2021

Himlung expedition by himalayan travellers The Himlung has become, over the years, the top of 7000 inescapable in Nepal, for who wants to confront the high altitude. But above all, it is not an easy summit. It is a very beautiful summit and its approach is ideal; progressive to allow good acclimatization, but also cultural. The villages …

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